OMIKA Genetics Consulting is a pioneer company in cytogenomic analysis, specialized in technical and scientific advice for different genetics areas.

Our Mission
To provide personalized consulting service focusing on the goals and expectations of each client.

Our Vision
To ensure quality and excellence in genomic consulting and precision medicine.

Our Values
Ethics and Responsibility
Excellence in provided services
Customer Satisfaction

What we offer


Over the last decade, cytogenomic has been driven by evolving technologic innovations for better genetic diagnosis and expanding clinical evidence for rational genetic counseling and disease treatment including patients with several different phenotypic alterations, congenital malformations and intellectual and /or cognitive deficiency. OMIKA provide experience and expertise to integrate genomic technologies and genomic analysis into diagnostic conclusion.


We help in the design of laboratories including conception and validation of citogenomic test, providing instructions in all stages of this process: strategic planning, design, selection of methods and techniques, equipment, and professional team training..


We give a personalized service for families with rare diseases offering a conclusive reports and family genetic counseling, explaining clearly the purpose of the different genomic tests and the interpretation of the genomic results information.

Our Services


We offer technical and scientific consulting in Cytogenomics area including Classical and Molecular Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology and Genomics.


We work in the structuring and assembly of laboratories including the design, deployment and implementation of diagnostic tests.


We perform a detailed analysis including clinical interpretation, personalized reports and technical reviews.


We carry out technical and scientific training, lectures, classes and workshops in different areas of genetics.


We provide personalized service to our clients including medical staff; patients and laboratories providing clients access, understand and benefit from the cytogenomic tests.

Privacy and security

We are committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of all personal information.



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